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List of School Districts - Detail Page (2024)


How many school districts are there in New Jersey? ›

School District Governments (549)

School district governments in New Jersey are the Type 2 school districts. An elected board of education governs each Type 2 school district.

How many school districts are there in Middlesex County, NJ? ›

The Middlesex County School Boards Association (MCSBA) membership comprises all 26 constituent school districts in Middlesex County.

How do I find my zoned school in NJ? ›

But for now, here are two ways to find out your current school zone:
  1. Call JCBOE at (201) 915-6111 or (201) 915-6201 to confirm the assigned school for your precise address. ...
  2. Check out this school zone map to see the area served by each Elementary, Middle, and High School.

What is the largest school district in New Jersey? ›

The Newark School District, with 66 schools, 5,877 employees and a student population of 35,329, is the largest and one of the oldest school systems in New Jersey.

What is the best school district in New Jersey? ›

Northern Valley Regional High School District

#1 Best School Districts in New Jersey.

How many state districts are in New Jersey? ›

One senator and two assembly members are elected from each of the 40 districts of New Jersey.

How many school districts are in Mercer County NJ? ›

Mercer County has 11 public school districts (including one special services school district and one technical school district), nine charter schools, and four state facilities.

How many school districts are in Camden County NJ? ›

Camden County is home to approximately 511,000 residents of which approximately 76,000 are students that attend one of the 36 school districts (with school buildings), two non-operating school districts (Hi-Nella and Chesilhurst), one Educational Services Commission, and 13 charter/renaissance schools.

How many schools are in Englewood NJ? ›

Englewood Public School District contains 5 schools and 2,923 students.

Can you go to school in a different district in NJ? ›

All New Jersey students are eligible to become choice students, regardless of where they live in the state. Students may attend a choice school in another district and county, however the school must be in an approved choice district.

What is considered a school zone in NJ? ›

Any school property that is used for school purposes, including school buildings, playgrounds, and housing facilities. Within any school bus. Within 1,000 feet of any school property or school bus.

What school districts are in Essex County NJ? ›

Essex County School System includes the following school districts: Belleville Town, Bloomfield Twp, Caldwell-West Caldwell, Cedar Grove Twp, City of Orange Twp, East Orange, East Orange - East Orange Community CS, Essex Fells Boro, Fairfield Twp, Glen Ridge Boro, Irvington Township, Livingston Twp, Millburn Twp, ...

What is the wealthiest school district in NJ? ›

Here is the list of school districts and their median incomes, from highest to lowest:
  • Millburn 184783.
  • Harding 171331.
  • Glen Ridge 170433.
  • Mountain Lakes 164432.
  • Ho-Ho-Kus 162386.
  • Glen Rock 155221.
  • Montgomery Township 154309.
  • Ridgewood 147823.
Feb 3, 2017

What is the richest school in New Jersey? ›

New Jersey's most expensive private schools surpass higher education costs. The Lawrenceville School is the most expensive private education institution in the state of New Jersey with an average tuition of $51,440.

What is the most famous school in New Jersey? ›

1. Princeton University. Established in 1746 as the College of New Jersey, Princeton University is one of the oldest universities in the US and is regarded as one of the world's most illustrious higher education institutions. In 1896, it was renamed Princeton University, and it opened its famous graduate school in 1900 ...

How many federal districts does New Jersey have? ›

New Jersey has one federal district court, which is known as the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

What are the 4 largest school districts in the US? ›

Largest School Districts in the United States
RankSchool district nameLocation
1New York City Department of EducationNew York
2Los Angeles Unified School DistrictCalifornia
3Puerto Rico Department of EducationPuerto Rico
4Chicago Public SchoolsIllinois
11 more rows

How many schools are there in Jersey? ›

In January 2020, there were 31 primary schools, 9 secondary schools and 2 special schools in Jersey providing educational services for pupils of compulsory school age (see Appendix A for a full list of registered schools in Jersey).

How many state schools are in NJ? ›

List of Public Colleges and Universities in New Jersey. There are 32 public colleges and universities in New Jersey enrolling 295,026 students. Explore the list below to find the public college match for you.

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